Woodend Primary School breaks through gender stereotypes

The year 6/7s at Woodend Primary School have been working on a fantastic project to try and prevent future domestic violence by breaking down gender stereotypes and discussing the ideas of ‘masculinity’ and ‘respect’ in their health lessons.

Classroom teachers Jarred Lamshed and Amy Aparicio have been very innovative in their teaching methods and used Twitter to share their #WeStandTall project beyond the typical classroom audience.

The students have posted terrific messages that are personal and positive and reflect the ideas of masculinity and respect in society today. The maturity of their messages is a credit to the great work that Jarred and Amy have done.

You can read more about the project and see some of the messages on their blog.  It also has a link to their feature on a recent Today Tonight episode. Click Here to access. 

I encourage everyone to check out all of the #WeStandTall messages on Twitter and to get involved by posting your own message to @Room25Woodend with the #WeStandTall. I am very proud to contribute with my own message.




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