Who is funding Government door-to-door sales people

Thursday 23 April, 2015

Labor must reveal how much transport door-to-door sales people are being paid



The Weatherill Labor Government must reveal how much money is being spent on door-to-door salespeople trying to push South Australians living in the CBD into using public transport.

Residents in the Adelaide City Council have been contacted by members of the Government’s TravelSMART program, encouraging residents to use their cars less and use public transport instead. 

“Research shows that people will use public transport if it is safe and reliable,” said Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.

"Surely money from the TravelSMART program would be better used on improving our transport system.

“Getting people to try a system that is inefficient and unreliable won’t keep them in the system. 

“Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan must reveal how much his Government is spending on these door-to-door salespeople and why this money is not being spent on improving public transport instead.

“There are plenty of other things the Weatherill Labor Government could be spending money on, such as reducing fare evasion or increasing security on public transport.

“The reality is that South Australians don’t need door-to-door salespeople to tell them to use public transport; South Australians will use public transport if it is a safe, reliable system.

“Unfortunately, after Labor’s mismanagement of the public transport system for 13 years, this is not the case.”

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