What will it cost to fix Oaklands crossing?

It was great to see Marion Council join my long running campaign to Fix Oaklands Crossing. But the big question is how much will it cost

We have been asking the State Government this very question for months through the Parliamentary process and FOI requests but detailed information has not been forthcoming.

Marion Council have quoted the cost of a solution at $100 million. This information stems from newspaper articles dating back to 2012. 

These costings match the images of an overpass which have been circulating for about 4 years. 

When I questioned the Minister for Transport in Parliament he indicated the cost of a solution could be around $200 million.

This lack of detailed information is the reason I am working hard to find out what the true cost is. Our community deserves to know what the best plan is and how we find the best solution to Fix Oaklands Crossing. Should road go over or road go under rail? Should rail be separated from road? We need to get the Government to do this planning and engage the community. 

I’ll continue to fight for the release of traffic management surveys and engineering plans that the Government has had prepared so we can be informed.

The freedom of information process continues and I won’t give up until we have some clear answers on costs and engineering solutions needed to Fix Oaklands Crossing. 

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