What the Budget means for you!

The Marshall Government’s 2019-20 State Budget is building a strong economy, growing jobs and delivering a bright future for South Australia.  It is building a better future for our local community and all South Australians. 

Our local community will benefit from the impacts of a strong economy, but also from investments such as:

The grade separation of the rail line at Brighton Road, Hove. This congestion busting project is a major win for our community. For more information, head to my website here.

$1.4 billion for schools and VET infrastructure, including capital upgrades to facilitate the transition of Year 7 into high school.

A landmark project costing $80 million to connect government schools in South Australia to high-speed internet.

$834 million to improve road safety.

$550 million to commence building a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

$537 million in new health spending, including reactivating the Repatriation General Hospital. For more details on how we are building a better health system, click here

$2.5 million for infrastructure at the newly created Glenthorne National Park.

$104.5 million to support the housing industry and home buyers.

$52.4 million to help protect and secure our metropolitan beaches.

A new Tonsley Railway Station as part of the Flinders Link Project, including improved lighting, security and accessibility for residents and commuters.

$1m to for facilities and maintenance upgrades of State Emergency Service units.

More importantly, the State Budget will see a reduction in the cost of living expenses, including the reduction of Compulsory Third Party Insurance fees, reductions in energy bills for 120,000 low income households and the continuation of the $100 sports vouchers for primary school aged children.

For more information on the State Budget, head to www.statebudget.sa.gov.au


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