Weatherill Government not digital ready

The latest Digital Government Readiness Report shows South Australia’s digital strategy has fallen behind other states, despite the Weatherill Government’s promises in the digital space.

According to the June 2017 Intermedium report ‘actual progress in 2016-17 was lethargic’ leading to the drop in digital readiness at a national level.

This time last year, South Australia was in third position on the Digital Government Readiness Indicator, with only Queensland and NSW outperforming our state.

However, over the past 12 months, inaction on innovation strategy and an almost 12 month delay in reviewing cybersecurity guidelines has seen South Australia fall to fifth place in respect of the Digital Government Readiness Indicator.

“The Weatherill Labor Government is failing to deliver a comprehensive digital government strategy and has failed to capitalise on whole of government digital services,” said Shadow Minister for Industry Corey Wingard.

“It’s clear that the Weatherill Labor Government has talked a big game on its digital government credentials but has failed to improve its actual digital readiness.”

The report notes ‘minimal progress has been made’ in the digital services sector with the Government’s flagship Service SA storefront offering ‘a very limited range of products’.

“The Government needs to urgently update its own cybersecurity policies and address the lack of innovation and ICT focus in South Australia,” said Mr Wingard.

The report states that South Australia’s digital privacy is not ICT-focused and the Government’s own Office for Digital Government was due to release a review of its cybersecurity guidelines in August last year.

“How can we expect the Weatherill Government to handle our child protection data if their cybersecurity policies can’t be reviewed on time as promised?”

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