Was Holden MOU worth the paper it was written on?

With GM Holden’s manufacturing operations due to cease in three months, the State Liberals are calling for an update on progress of a Memorandum of Understanding on the future use of the Elizabeth site signed almost three years ago.

“The Weatherill Government’s MOU promised to foster discussions with GM Holden about third party proposals for the future use of the site, yet with the end of operations just around the corner the future of this significant piece of economic infrastructure is unknown,” said Shadow Minister for Industry Corey Wingard.

“It’s time for the Minister for Automotive Transformation Kyam Maher to detail exactly how this MOU signed on the 29th of July 2014 has been implemented.

“How many proposals have been received, what was the nature of those proposals, were all proposals passed on to GH Holden and have any proposals made substantive progress?

“In short, it’s time the Weatherill Government told South Australians what plans, if any, exist for the future use of the Holden site.”

The MOU was signed by the then Automotive Transformation Minister Susan Close and GM Holden Executive Director of Manufacturing Richard Phillip in 2014.

The MOU was an initiative of Greg Combet in his role as South Australia’s Automotive Transformation Coordinator.

Mr Combet said it was too early to speculate on the future of the site. However, the MoU

demonstrates that GM Holden and the Government will continue to work constructively

together on possible options for its future use.

“The Holden site is a significant piece of economic infrastructure, particularly for the northern

suburbs, and we’ll work with GM Holden on its future use beyond 2017,” Mr Combet said.

“It’s critical for the workforce, their families, and the northern suburbs community that everyone works together for the economic future of the region.”

“Everything Mr Combet said in 2014 is true, the question is why has the Weatherill Government been silent on this issue?” said Mr Wingard.

“Whilst it was too early to speculate on future use of the site in 2014, that certainly isn’t the case today.”

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