Uber and the Sharing economy

We need to make sure South Australia is not left behind in the surge of the Sharing Economy - such as Uber and Airbnb. 

21 April 2015


Let's get South Australia moving

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to put the Economic and Finance Committee to work to explore all available opportunities relating to the share economy so that South Australia isn’t left behind.

The world is being swamped by the advent of the share economy with new businesses like Uber and Lyft coming into the market.

“Technology is enabling the share economy and fighting against it would be like tackling a tidal wave,” said Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.

“This new way of thinking and operating is coming and if we don’t prepare for the change South Australia will be left behind.

“South Australia lags other states in so many key economic indicators; we need to get on the front foot and be proactive to fully understand what’s coming.”

In the national competition policy review Professor Ian Harper called for a consumer focused approach, embracing technical solutions and embracing innovation.

“Ride share company Uber is one such business evolving into this new economy,” said Mr Wingard.

“It started in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales without legislation put in place and now those states are having trouble sorting out rules and regulations for its operation.

“This change to the way we do business has been coming for a while and the Weatherill Government has chosen to ignore it.

“It’s time that we get all the information on the table and find out what’s good and what’s not good with the shared economy.

“Let’s have the conversation so we can make some decisions about what is in the best interests for South Australia.” 

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