Tree Planting at Seaview Downs Primary School

It is always a privilege to visit local schools to see and be involved in their activities. In September I enjoyed a morning with the Seaview Downs Primary School community at their tree planting ceremony.

Native trees generously donated by Bunnings were planted in a new garden bed outside the school hall. Luckily the rain held off long enough for every class to plant their own tree. Under the watchful eye of students, these trees will grow into a beautiful tall backdrop at the top of the school.

Leading up to the day, the garden bed had been painstakingly transformed by members of the school community from an unused area of clay and mud to an accessible, healthy and very well mulched garden bed.

Volunteers play such an integral role in our community but not least of all in our schools. The morning was also a special occasion to acknowledge a long-time and much loved Seaview Downs Primary School volunteer, Mrs Wendy Bowering. Wendy was presented with a Volunteer Service award from the Education Department which will be displayed proudly at the school.  Her passion and dedication to transforming and maintaining the school’s garden over the years allows the children to not only enjoy beautiful grounds but also learn about plants and soil and environmental conservation.

The new garden is a wonderful new initiative leading into Spring at the school. I congratulate Principal Des Hurst and Chair of the Governing Council Dr Pauline Glover on hosting a wonderful morning. I am sure the staff and students enjoyed the opportunity to get ‘out doors’ and will enjoy watching the tree they planted grow and flourish in the months and years ahead. 


Planting the first tree in the new garden with Wendy Bowering, recipient of the School’s Volunteer Award from the Department, and Dr Pauline Glover, Chair of the Governing Council. 

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