Transport Minister leaves community in the dark over Oaklands Crossing project

As many of you are aware I requested a briefing on the Oaklands Crossing project back in June when it was announced the project would be fully funded. I have also asked the Minister for Transport a wide range of questions regarding the project, many of which have been sent to me by constituents and members of the community. 

Unfortunately to date my request for a briefing has been ignored by the Minister and I have not had a response to any of the questions you have raised. It is a shame our community is being kept in the dark on the planning process. 

In recent weeks you may have noticed some soil testing by engineers around the Oaklands train station (pictured below). The early work is a sign of progress but sadly no more information about the project has been forth coming.


I will continue to advocate on behalf of our community to ensure this upgrade becomes a feature of our neighbourhood and benefits people who live, work, visit or travel through the area.

It is vital that equal consideration be given to the way in which pedestrians, bikes, cars and public transport move through the crossing, in order to achieve the best outcome for the project. We need open communication with the department to make this happen. 

A number of people have contacted me with specific concerns. I will continue to push to make sure our community is consulted throughout the process but it is disappointing we have been ignored to this point. I encourage anyone with concerns or issues to contact DPTI direct ([email protected] or 1300 794 880) and feel free to copy me in to the correspondence. 

It's great we have the solution and I'm working hard to make sure our community is taken through the process together. 

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