Train Strikes More Chaos

Wage negotiations between the Government and the Transport Workers Union have been going on for more than 18 months.  The Weatherill Labor Government’s inaction lead to the tram driver’s strike on the 11th of June.  The strike lead to commuter chaos, happening during University Exam time, students dependent on public transport had to face yet another (avoidable stress) on the way to their exams. 

On 29 June there was another four-hour train strike.  Most rail workers said they would not enforce MetroCard or ticket validation on trains from 30 June 2015.  Yet Minister Mullighan warned commuters not to expect a free ride.  However if the transport employee had not prepared a MetroCard machine so that a commuter could not validate their ticket then the Government would take a lenient view on their circumstance.  This has led to increased confusion for commuters and a loss of revenue for the Government. The Government could have resolved these discussions months ago (a year ago) however due to their inaction commuters now face continued transport chaos, and the reputation of South Australia’s transport network suffers.


On Saturday 22 August, the Transport Workers Union imposed a ban on overtime, leaving all 28 Footy Express trains without drivers to take fans to and from the Crows’ home game against Brisbane. DPTI estimated this would inconvenience 14,000 people. Understood to be the largest disruption to the services as a result of the negotiations, the Government was places under greater pressure to resolve the issue.


The Union threatened another strike the following weekend, however on the 25th of August Minister Mullighan announced they had reached an agreement with the Union, and industrial action would stop. Very few details regarding the agreement have been made public. 


Below a channel 9 report covering the story 


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