$50m Train Oversupply

A Cabinet document has come across my desk and it points that out and in fact the then-Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis who wrote this document said ‘We only need 16 of these new electric cars plus a spare to service southern lines’ and we’re about to get our 22nd so that’s five trains more than we need at about $10m a train, that’s $50m that have been spent on trains that won’t get used on the South Australian Adelaide Metro network.

With that is a ten-year maintenance contract on the 22 trains being used at full capacity, it’s like your car getting serviced and it needs to get serviced at 30000 ks but you’re paying for a full service after you’ve done 20ks, you’re paying a lot of money for servicing your vehicle when it doesn't need servicing and that’s the contract this government has entered into.  They’ve tried to get out of it but because they locked it away before they ended the electrification of the Gawler line, that’s what we’ve been left with and South Australian taxpayers are footing this bill.

(Transcript from 5AA, 1 September 2015)

Below is a report by Channel 9 on the same issue: 

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