Tough Stance on Ticket Scalpers

Ticket scalpers who prey on passionate sports and entertainment fans will face sleepless nights if tough new laws proposed by the Marshall Liberal Team are supported by the State Parliament.

Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation Corey Wingard will this week introduce legislation to stamp out the predatory behavior that leads to ridiculous ticket prices for major events and denies many people the opportunity to attend events by creating $100,000 penalty for organised scalping.

“With the Ashes Test Match at Adelaide Oval fast approaching and a busy schedule of Big Bash cricket and other concerts and events, we need to act now to stamp out ticket scalping in South Australia,” said Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing Corey Wingard.

“The Weatherill Government has completely failed to protect South Australian sports fans and event goers from scalpers, so the State Liberals are taking the lead to strengthen ticket scalping laws.

“We will legislate to stop the resale of any sport or entertainment tickets above the original face value plus 10 per cent, which currently only occurs if an event is declared a Major Event under SA’s Major Events Act.

“Unlike Labor’s hands-off approach, we will also legislate to stop ticket bots, where software is used to bypass security measures of ticketing websites.

“We will work with industry participants such as the AFL, Cricket Australia, Adelaide Oval and the SACA to give them the ability to seek court injunctions against scalpers using ticket bots.

“Every time there is a major event in South Australia we see tickets being sold online for outrageous prices – it’s crucial that we have laws in place to stop people preying on passionate fans.”

Under the Liberal proposal individuals caught scalping tickets would face a maximum fine of $20,000 and organisations involved with scalping would face a maximum fine of $100,000.

The New South Wales Government has recently introduced a reform package which includes protection for consumers against ticket scalpers who gouge profits by using technology to buy tickets to concerts and sporting events.

These reforms have been supported by consumer group Choice, with the State Liberals’ legislation to mirror the New South Wales legislation.

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