Support for Our Police Officers

The State Liberals have thrown their support behind SA police’s campaign to receive a fair deal on workers compensation and will vote for the Brokenshire Bill when it comes before State Parliament.

Our police put their lives on line to protect the community and they deserve to be properly looked after when they are injured at work. 

Jay Weatherill needs to recognise the unique dangers and challenges police face at work and ensure fair levels of compensation for police officers injured in the line of duty.

If Mr Weatherill won’t, Independent MPs Martin Hamilton-Smith and Geoff Brock, and former police officer and Labor MP Lee Odenwalder, must stand up and also support this important piece of legislation.

The current Return to Work legislation imposes a two year cap on income maintenance and a three year cap on medical expenses for police officers.

Only injured officers who are determined to have a 30 per cent “whole person impairment” will receive compensation beyond these caps.

Policing is a unique, challenging and dangerous job and we should be providing our police officers with the support they need they get injured doing their job.

The State Liberals support the principle that police officers such as Senior Constable Alison Coad, Senior Constable Brett Gibbons and Senior Constable First Class Brian Edwards, deserve higher levels of compensation than they are currently provided.

The Weatherill Labor Government’s decision to oppose this legislation demonstrates their lack of understanding and compassion for our police officers.

On the 18th of November more than a thousand SAPOL officers and supporters marched to Parliament House, calling on the Government for fairer compensation for those injured in the line of duty.  The Liberal Party stands with our police and voted to support them in the Legislative Council. Below are some pictures from the rally






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