Submarine Build in SA

I just wanted to update our community on the submarine build situation in Adelaide. 

I think everyone is aware of the dire unemployment situation here in SA which sits at 8% while the rest of the country is closer to 6%.

While I believe this is a major issue that has not been dealt with at state level and it is one of the key platforms I am pushing with the government to address because sadly we're in a position as a state that we need all the help we can get.

I was pleased to see the recent announcement about the federal funding for the Northern Connector road project. This is a project I fully supported and spoke about several times in Parliament along with our leader Steven Marshall and we have called on the State Government to fast track this given it has been hanging around since 2009. This is great Federal funding to help our state and deliver jobs through the life of the build. We also have the future frigates project committed again by the Federal Government and now we have to keep pushing for the Submarines.

Steven Marshall has already met with new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the matter. As well as constantly talking with all my Federal colleagues about this issue and advocating in the Parliament and in the media I have written to Federal Minister Christopher Pyne and the other State based Federal members outlining the importance of this project being in South Australia. From my end I will keep fighting for the submarines project to come to Adelaide but I will also fight to grow more sustainable industries to flourish here in SA. While the submarines are a Government funded industry that is a generous gift which we want here in our state, we also need to focus on developing businesses and industry that can fund themselves and grow employment opportunities for all South Australians. For a long time our state has been the highest taxed state in the nation and this has discouraged business setting up or staying in our state.

How many times have we seen or heard of businesses relocating to the eastern seaboard?

This has to stop and we need our state government to act fast.

Below is a list of some of the actions we feel the state government should move on immediately to help South Australia rise up from being at the bottom of the table of Australia's most prosperous states. 



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