Sports Voucher Program a hit with Parents


Its only March but we can already tell that our revamped Sport Voucher Program has been an overwhelming success for parents in SA.

Already more than $850,000 has been put back into the pockets of South Australian parents thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of the Marshall Liberal Government’s beefed-up Sports Vouchers Program.

Office for Recreation and Sport figures reveal there has been a 436 per cent increase in money returned to parents taking advantage of the program compared to last year’s stats.

Taking $100 off sports fees has been a welcome relief for families who can put those extra funds towards cost of living pressures without having to restrict their child’s lifestyle.

But best of all this means more kids are getting in to sport and dance! 

There’s still plenty of time to claim your voucher, so head to to access a voucher for your child, or find a recognised provider.

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