Sport and Recreation Facilities

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD (Gibson—Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing) (14:38): I thank the member for the question, and what an important question it is, and what an important choice South Australians have to make over the next few weeks.

The member for Colton knows as well as anyone how important community sporting infrastructure is. The government knows the importance of community infrastructure, and our federal representatives do as well. That's why we are investing, that's why we will continue to invest and that's why the federal Liberal government is looking to invest in activities that we have already seen as being incredibly worthwhile.

One of those is at the Henley Sharks Football Club, a big club, a great club, and they have a lot of community support. Do you know who else they support, Mr Speaker? They support the member for Colton. He's a very good member out there fighting for his community; in fact, he's a bit of a hero in his local area. He really is. He has been delivering for the people of Colton from before he was in this place. He worked really hard with the local community. In fact, he has impressed them so much that the President of the Henley Sharks Football Club thinks he is a superstar. The president, who was the former member for Colton, loves him; that's how good he's going.

The member for Colton has delivered, as the Marshall government at the last election committed to $500,000 towards new change rooms for that footy club, and that is what the people of the local community were after. The Liberal candidate for Hindmarsh, a young whippersnapper, has been out and about, and he recognises how important this facility is as well. He has committed $400,000 towards new lights at the oval to ensure that both cricket and football can continue to be played into the evening and hold training to get the best out of that facility. It's a great outcome for the local community.

It was not such a good outcome on ANZAC Day. I was at the Henley Sharks oval with the member for Colton. They played against the mighty Brighton Bombers in the A1s, and it's sad to say that the Bombers got up—the Sharks got rolled—so it was a good day for the Brighton Bombers footy club. Speaking of them, they have a wonderful complex down there at Brighton. We supported them at the last election. That had been left to fall into disrepair over many years under the previous Labor government. We have put $2 million into upgrading their football, cricket, lacrosse and rugby clubs. They had that faux commitment, as the member for Black knows, from the Labor government previously to upgrade the rugby facility. It never came through, but we have delivered. We are very conscious of delivering good sporting infrastructure for our local community.

Someone else who is very keen on the Brighton community is the member for Boothby, a true local champion for her electorate. In fact, she is so keen that she has committed $5 million towards stage 2 of that complex should the Liberal federal government be re-elected, and that is great delivery for her local community. That is a great example as well of state and federal governments working together to deliver true community outcomes.

Of course, how could we forget the Max Amber Reserve? The Marshall Liberal government invested in new floodlights at this facility ahead of the last election. The people of Hartley know a good project and they know a good local member, Mr Speaker, and that would be you, the Emperor of Hartley, delivering for the people, getting the light upgrade. I know it has been greatly appreciated.

The federal candidate for Sturt, another hard worker in his local area, has committed another $5 million to upgrade that field because he knows how important it is for the Athelstone Football Club (the Raggies), the cricket club, the Athelstone Soccer Club, the Athelstone Tennis Club and the Australian Retired Persons Association. These are great achievements and great examples of the federal government working with the state government, working with the local government, to deliver for their communities.

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