Speed Limit Frustration

On May 19 I spoke on the Road Traffic (Work Area Speed Limit Signs) Amendment Bill. This is an issue I have been fighting for on behalf of many constituents for along time. You can read my speech below. 

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (11:06): I also rise today to speak in support of this bill. This is an issue that is regularly raised with my office. As we know, this bill enforces the removal of 25 km/h signs when workmen or workwomen have left the site, and it enables fines to be issued if this is not done.

As the member for Morphett mentioned, it is very much about common sense. Of course we want safety to be adhered to, and we want workers to be safe when they are working in these conditions on our roads around state. But, when there is no road work being done, or when there are no workers present on a site, we cannot see why these signs are not removed so that we can get the speed limits on the road back to a safe speed, at either the normal speed or at least a speed above 25 km/h.

As I said, it is something that a lot people have contacted my office about, and it is a big frustration and bugbear in South Australia. When we go through roadworks and there are people present, again I stress that everyone wants our workers to be safe in that environment; however, when people have gone home and that 25 km/h sign stays up, there is no safety reason for it to be there. It is a bugbear of all commuters in South Australia, and people are very frustrated.

I raised this issue back in October last year and I did get a lot of correspondence in my office. I know the minister spruiked his Operation Moving Traffic in July last year, and it was suggested that this issue might be addressed in that operation. It has been nearly 12 months and we have not seen any action in this area. Again, as the member for Morphett said, it is just a common-sense move and common-sense measure to put in place the bill that the member for Unley put forward.

This bill would ensure that when work is not being done in a roadworks area and all is safe, the 25 km/h would be replaced with a higher speed limit to keep traffic moving in order to stop congestion and frustration for drivers within our city and also the country regions. I have been in many a country region where there are road signs still up on the side of the road for roadworks and, in fact, there are no roadworks.

It is one small measure, and I think it fits in to what South Australians would like and call for. It is something that can be done very quickly. I commend the member for Unley for bring this bill before the house and ask that action is taken very swiftly to relieve the frustration of drivers in South Australia. 

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