Southern Expressway Motion

I rise to speak on this motion and note that it is the second incarnation for the member for Kaurna to get this up. In fact he withdrew it from the Notice Paper (or it was not moved) before parliament was prorogued, because it was not finished, because it was quite unusual. It was opened a handful of times before it was completed.

At least a handful of times it opened and it was not actually complete at the time. I am glad the road has been duplicated. I am led to believe it was promised at the 2002 election and the 2006 election by the Liberal Party, and then the plan was stolen in 2010 by the Labor Party, so it is great to see them following suit. I really admired the revision of history that was outlined by the member for Schubert, and the articulate way he described the set-up around this freeway and maintaining of the land for the corridor, and also of course the point about the State Bank collapse, which was very much beholden to the Labor Party. They might want to groan and moan about the State Bank collapse, but that is their history and they must take ownership of this.

It is interesting also to have the member for Kaurna raise this issue, and I know that it is very beneficial for his suburb and the suburbs deep in the south of Adelaide, but it runs through the heart of my electorate, through Sheidow Park and Trott Park. It was interesting that in the revised plans the government did not put an on/off ramp for Sheidow Park and Trott Park. It was very disappointing to have this corridor go right through their heartland and they were ignored from this end. He was happy to look after his own patch, but really did ignore a couple of other suburbs going through there.

Likewise, at Reynella: we heard the member for Reynell talk about the availability and the beauty of this new Southern Expressway, but not make mention of the fact that you actually cannot get on at Reynella to go south on the Southern Expressway. You can go to the north, you cannot go to the south. If you are coming from the south you actually cannot get off at Reynella as well, which is a bit of a bugbear for people who live in that area and for constituents of mine. I also know that it causes immense frustration for people living in Happy Valley and the areas around there, and that would be a bugbear for the member for Fisher as well, no doubt.

The member for Kaurna also talked about businesses in the south, and how this road benefits them, and I am sure it does, but he has again ignored other parts of Adelaide, and I find this a little bit disheartening to not look at this as a whole. A mate of mine from Noarlunga took the Southern Expressway to come to Darlington to hire some works from a business on the corner of Seacombe Road and South Road. He actually had to go right down to the end of the freeway—because, as I said, he could not get off at Reynella to get down South Road—get off and come back up Sturt Road, up Marion Road and then along Diagonal Road to get to the corner of Seacombe Road to hire the equipment that he needed.

If you have a look on a map, it is actually very long and convoluted and it makes it very hard for businesses in that precinct. Then, to get back onto the Southern Expressway, he had to do the loop all over again. He worked out that, in fact, it was better just to take South Road to get where he needed to go and not take the expressway at all.

I commend the Minister for Transport on one point. We are always looking for positives, as the member for Reynell says, despite the fact that she just found many negatives in her speech a few moments ago. When I was first elected, quite a number of constituents who had this piece of infrastructure run right through their backyards came to me. They had put up with a lot of inconvenience while it was being done. A lot of the promises that were made to them during this project were not delivered. In fact, the noise wall and the associated works that had to be done around this project were not complete. It was the first thing people were knocking on my door about; in fact, they were coming to me raising this issue before I had actually been elected.

There were a number of people who all had issues with this—Dianne Vivian, Ryan Harding, Bianca Robson, Adrien Van Der Wegan, Emma Watts, Michael Van Dyk, Robyn Smalldon, Tracy Gniel, Jenny Morton-John, Brian and Pamela Williams, Val and Malcolm Earl, Richard Davison, Marilyn and Geoff Linn, Andrew Scheer, John Edyvean, Bev Ellis and Beverly Rowady. They were just a few of the people who came to me, talking about this issue.

You will see the rusted iron walls, as you drive down the Southern Expressway, which were overlooking these people's backyards. They were promised a whole lot of finishings that did not come to fruition—a lot of planting and other accessories that were supposed to make the project complete, and, sadly, they were not delivered.

We had to make a bit of noise. We got the minister's staff along and, again, I will commend him for listening and taking our calls. We have had to go through quite a bit of pain to get moving forward on this, but we are getting somewhere and, hopefully, we can get this finished. I do make the point, too, that the member for Kaurna has said in his motion that it is finished: there are still some elements, I have to point out to him, that are not finished.

I am sure it is probably fine down at his end of the electorate, but not across the whole electorate, so we are still working, and we will keep working, for the residents of my electorate to get this finished. We do not want to just get partway through the project, wash our hands of it, not follow up our commitments and walk away. It would not be right for the government to do that and we will not let the government do that, so we will keep working on that.

Those are a few points that I think the member for Kaurna must take into account. I do commend the member for Schubert once more for his narration of the history of this project, and I recommend that everyone read it to see exactly how we got into this situation, as far as the Southern Expressway is concerned.

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