South Australia returns to the top of the unemployment table

It’s another black day for South Australia with our unemployment rate again the highest in
the nation.

South Australia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment figure was 6.7%, with the second worst
state Tasmania recording 6.5%.

“After last month’s statewide blackout South Australia has fallen into a dark place when it
comes to jobs. This Government has failed to deliver for South Australians after 14 years in
charge,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

The latest ABS unemployment statistics also show there are 11,000 fewer full-time jobs in
SA than when Jay Weatherill became Premier in 2011.

“Under Jay, South Australia is turning into the part-time state,” said Mr Wingard.

“South Australia continues to lag behind all other states and we still have to deal with the
fallout from our statewide blackout that has hit businesses hard, not to mention the
impending closure of Holden in the next 12 months and the uncertain future of Arrium.

“Alarmingly youth unemployment continues to increase with 13.9% of 15-24 year olds
currently unemployed.

“Employment remains a key issue for all South Australians and this is what the Premier must
be focusing on.

“South Australians looking for a job are again in the dark and they can’t see any light or hope
under this Weatherill Labor Government.”

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