Slowdown 2014

I've been asked by many about my appearance in the slowdown and given my football background I thought this could be a good place to set the record straight.

I was asked to play in the game by Chris McDermott from the Little Hero's Foundation.

Chris was club captain when I played at Glenelg in the late 80's/early 90's.

He apologised when I arrived as the selected full back had been a late withdrawal and I was given the job standing Tony Modra. Our conversation finished with Chris reminding me that "the crowd had come to see Mods and not me."

I could tell I'd been invited to be a step ladder.

I was given jumper number 20 with C.Wingard on the back and it only took a few minutes for the kids to work out I wasn't "Chad Wingard" and I have to be honest and say I felt their disappointment!!

As always it was a great day and more funds were raised to help sick children in SA by the Little Hero's Foundation. 


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