Slippery When Wet

Monday 18 May, 2015

Slippery pavers a danger to public transport users

The State Liberals have called on the Weatherill Labor Government to guarantee the safety of passengers by reviewing whether buses should be travelling over slippery Victoria Square pavers.

Pavers installed in Victoria Square have become a safety hazard due to their slippery surface, causing one bus to recently have a near miss with a car.

The State Liberals understand that several complaints have been made by bus drivers to the Transport Department about this issue.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to immediately review whether or not buses should be driving over these pavers in their current state,” said Shadow Transport and Road Safety Minister Corey Wingard.

“Driving conditions on these pavers are only liken to worsen over the coming winter months.

“This is a very serious road safety issue and poses a risk to bus passengers and drivers, other vehicles and pedestrians alike.

“It’s not good enough for Minister Mullighan and the Weatherill Labor Government to wash their hands of this issue.

“They have a responsibility to ensure that their public transport system is operating safely and that includes ensuring that their buses are travelling on safe roads.

“It is concerning that the Government has received warnings about this road and still hasn’t taken any action.

“There is a serious risk here with the volume of car and foot traffic and the number of buses travelling through this part of the city.

“The safety of South Australian commuters using this road must be the Weatherill Labor Government’s highest priority.”

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