Seaview High School Awards - Parliament Speech

Mr WINGARD  ( Mitchell ) ( 17:24 :45 ): I rise to give an adjournment grieve. It is that time of year when graduations and celebrations take place at schools right around the state, and most notably in my electorate. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Seaview High School graduation ceremony last night, so I would like to go on record acknowledging some of the award winners and the leadership team at Seaview High School, who have done an outstanding job. 

Seaview is a great high school and in fact the only high school in my electorate. They do some wonderful work in the area, specialising in tennis, dance, music and also working very closely with Flinders University and their Tonsley location with advanced technologies. It was a very good night, I am told, and I would like to thank the member for Bright for representing me yesterday evening. It was also great to have Nicolle Flint there representing the federal member for Boothby, Dr Andrew Southcott.

I will start with the year 12 award -winners. There were a number of subject winners, and I will list some of the other award winners. The International Student Award went to Xingchen Liu, the Senior School Sports Award went to Alex Ramadhani, the Student Leadership Award went to Saumya Anand, the Academic Excellence Award again went to Xingchen Liu, and the Caltex All-Rounder award went to Danielle Wong, so congratulations to all those winners.

There were some year level winners as well: Amy Conroy in year 8 and Will Tuck and Melissa Acton in year 9. The Corey Wingard Award is presented to the years 10 and 11 award winners at Seaview High School, and it was fantastic to see the year 10 award, which is an award for excellence and one of the most highly regarded awards at the school. It is presented to a student from year 10 who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in a number of areas. This year it went to Belinda Hunyh for initiative, a sense of responsibility, commitment to study, and a GPA for the year of 4.71, finishing with 5.0 (out of five). She is a very worthy recipient; congratulations to her, and I am sure there are big things ahead for Belinda.

There were two winners of the year 11 award. One winner was Rachel Rattus, who has been involved with the school's music program, enthusiastically participating in primary school promotion visits and Seaview open night events. She was a house captain on sports day and has played tennis, beach volleyball and indoor soccer with the school. Without Rachel's help, the year 12 jacket for 2016 would still be in the early design phase instead of being a completed project, so well done to Rachel.

Jake Beaumont was the other winner, a young man I know well. He is a very active member of the SRC who can be relied upon to undertake any task. He has been involved with the international program, helping and hosting international students. Jake plays and coaches tennis, and he also enjoys badminton, beach volleyball and snow skiing. I also know that he is a very capable football umpire and could well umpire in the AFL one day. I have watched his progress as a goal umpire as about a six year old—maybe he was a little bit older that, maybe eight or nine—but he has done an amazing job and is a really lovely young fellow. Academically, both Rachel and Jake have achieved consistently high results during the year. These two students have enriched student life at Seaview High School and are deserving winners of their awards. We congratulate them as well. 


Picture of award recipient Jake Beaumont


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