More Disruptions for Seaford Line

Friday 13 March 2015                                                                                                                                                                         

More disruptions ahead on the Seaford line


Transport Department CEO, Michael Deegan, has hinted at further disruptions on the Seaford line claiming that despite the Government’s $500+ million investment, it is not running to expected standards.


In a statement on the Adelaide Metro website, Mr Deegan states:


Seaford line:


Despite a small fortune spent by the government this line is not operating to the standard I expect (nor the standard expected by customers or the government).  Infrastructure people, train drivers and community members have given me some clear advice on what is needed and you will start to see some changes.  I will endeavour to keep interruptions to a minimum but I will need to tweak the track in part.


“This is an incredibly damning revelation from the CEO in charge of Minister Mullighan’s department,” said Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.


“Minister Mullighan must explain what discussions he has had with Mr Deegan about the state of the Seaford line and what standards it doesn’t meet.


“Passengers on the line have already put up with extended service closures and a number of delays over the past few years and now, that looks set to continue.


“The Government must immediately disclose what funds will be required and what service interruptions will occur.”


Last month, Minister Mullighan lauded the success of the Noarlunga/Seaford line by revealing that 4.18 million passengers have used the line since February 23 last year.


However, the Rail Commissioner’s 2010-2011 Annual Report reveals that the number of passengers using the line in 2009-10 was 4,290,277.


“That’s 110,000 fewer passengers travelling on the Noarlunga/Seaford line now compared to five years ago despite the Weatherill Labor Government spending more than half a billion dollars on upgrades and extensions,” said Mr Wingard.


“Minister Mullighan must also explain why South Australians are seemingly turning away from public transport under the Weatherill Labor Government’s management.”

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