Safe Roads During Finals

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stay safe on the roads during finals season


As Football and Netball Leagues around regional South Australia head toward Grand Finals, and as celebrations kick up a gear, there is a timely warning for all players and fans to make sure they take it easy on country roads.


“I just urge people to use their common sense. You won’t miss the party if you make it to your destination a couple of minutes late,” said Shadow Minister for Road Safety Corey Wingard.


“The police will be out as usual making sure they are keeping everyone on our roads safe and you must remember that a wrong choice could devastate your family and your teammates.”


South Australia has recorded 69 deaths on our roads this year – that’s four more than at the same time last year.


“Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts, plan your journey and don’t drink or drug drive,” said Mr Wingard.


“Enjoy the finals, play hard, celebrate responsibly and stay safe on our roads.

“We want everyone fit and healthy and ready to take their team to a premiership next season. Your team needs you.”

Authorised by Corey Wingard MP, Member for Gibson. Level 2, 1 Milham Street Oaklands Park SA 5046. ©Copyright / Legal / Login