Riverland Tour for Transport and Road Safety

As Shadow Minister for Transport and Road Safety it was brilliant to drive around the Riverland and Murray Mallee regions to meet locals and listen to their thoughts on issues relating to these portfolio areas.

We had a packed few days and met more than 20 businesses, councils and interest groups.

Thanks to all those who took the time to come and chat and thanks also to the media who should great interest in the local issues effecting their community.

I was fortunate to chat with many passionate people who had a real appreciation for the hard work that is needed to turn South Australia's economic fortunes around.

Road maintenance, road safety, the future of the rail network, the Lyrup ferry downgrade and future replacement, the National Heavy vehicle regulator and regional community transport were key issues raised and we came away with plenty of questions for the minister and the department which we are following through.

It was disappointing to hear stories of red tape and bureaucracy holding businesses back in the region and I'll continue to work with local Member Tim Whetstone to do all we can to relieve these impediments being imposed by Government.

Thanks to Tim for his hospitality and all those who welcomed me in and took the time to have a chat about their issues. 



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