Retirement of Steve Davis

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (12:58): I rise, too, to briefly speak in support of the motion put forward by the member for Chaffey to recognise the great efforts of Steve Davis as an international cricket umpire.

I was lucky, in a previous life, to get to know Steve and see him around the traps and have a few chats with him and listen to some of his tales. It was an amazing career, indeed. As the member for Chaffey said, we recognise what a great job umpires do right across the board.

At the elite level, in his 25-year career, Steve is to be commended for his 57 tests, 137 ODIs and 26 T20 internationals as well. He has umpired at the world cups, champions trophies and, also, the ICC World Twenty20 events. He has done myriad things. It is what young people can aspire to.

I meet a lot of young people in my community who are into umpiring across a number of different sports and it is great to have role models like Steve out there. They do not have the profile of the international sports people, as such, but they do a marvellous job and a lot of young people look up to them for what they have achieved and what they have done, and we hope to have more people following in their footsteps.

I often say to people that, if my wife would allow me to be an international cricketer later in life, I would love to do it. I think it would be a fantastic job. I am glad that Steve has had such a wonderfully successful life. As Steve says, he was never the world's best cricketer but he loved the game so much he went on to umpire, and I think that is just a great thing. For all young people out there, it is a great thing to aspire to. I will finish by saying that I commend this motion to the house and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Steve Davis for all the wonderful work he has done umpiring around the world and representing his country with great professionalism.

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