Removing payroll tax for small business

The Marshall Liberal team know Small Business is the heartbeat of our state. As the Shadow Minister in charge of Small Business one of the most common issues raised with me since I took up this rolls has been payroll tax...the tax on jobs.

As such we have made it clear that if we form Government in March this year we will scrap payroll tax for all small businesses in South Australia.

We will do this by exempting businesses with taxable payrolls of up to $1.5 million from paying any payroll tax, removing this tax for businesses employing an average of 25 employees.

We have listened to South Australian businesses and we know they are doing it tough, operating under some of the highest cost structures in Australia, and in some instances the world.

At a time when South Australia needs more jobs, greater investment and stronger growth, an uncompetitive payroll tax regime only serves to undermine confidence and make it harder for businesses to create jobs and employ more South Australians.

That’s why we will remove this disincentive to businesses creating more jobs and employing more people, making South Australia a more attractive place to invest in and grow businesses.

This is all part of our Strong Plan for Real Change

You can find the full policy here.

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