Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Mr WINGARD  ( Mitchell ) ( 11:35 :57 ): I rise too in support of this motion that recognises that 15 November 2015 is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, remembers those who have tragically lost their lives on South Australian roads, and calls on everyone to work together towards zero fatalities on our state roads. 

Thirty years ago my best friend's sister passed away in a car accident; she was a beautiful person by the name of Sally Barton. It is a great time to remember those people who have died on our roads and how tragic it is and the impact that it has on our community. Sally died not far from where I currently live and I go past the point quite regularly and think of her all the time. I remember the fallout and the devastation in the local community. We all went to Brighton High School together and many young people were left shattered by this incident. I was a young person in my early teens and, as I said, the impact on me has been very great for that 30 years. It is with me every time I get in my car and drive, and people have to be aware that they need to be safe on our roads.

I know that lots of people have a very similar story and it is with that story that I very much support the Road Trauma Support Team of South Australia and the World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims, as was pointed out by the member for Torrens, on 15 November 2015—and I, too, will be there in support of all people who have lost someone in a road traffic accident.

I and a lot of my friends grew up in the country and, sadly, we have far too many incidents, accidents and deaths on our country roads, and a lot of rural members in our party would most likely know someone in their lifetime who has been killed on our roads. In fact, I would suggest that almost every person in the house would know someone who has been killed on our roads, which is not a good thing.

We very much support reducing the road toll with Towards Zero Together. If we have a look back at the road toll, as was also mentioned by the member for Torrens, unfortunately in the past few years in South Australia, it has started to rise. If we look back over the history from 2010, we had 97 deaths on the road; in 2011, 88 deaths; in 2012, it was down to 74; in 2013, though, it kicked back up to 82; and in 2014, it was at 80. The average over the 2010 to 2014 period was 84 deaths on our state roads. At the moment in South Australia we are sitting at 88; in fact, there have been 18 deaths in the month of October and the month is not yet finished, although it is nearing an end. That number is way too high. Last year, there were just nine in October. Those figures, I think, are quite chilling. We must be very much aware of this and do all we can to reduce our road toll. 

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