Record Unemployment

It was shattering to see the latest unemployment figures released in recent days.

To see South Australia positioned on top of the states "unemployment ladder" is disappointing and given the job losses that are now on the immediate horizon in Leigh Creek and Port Augusta it is alarming for SA. 

My fear is this will just drive more people out of the state and toward the eastern sea board where there is more opportunity.

All this comes in the wake of the State Government's savage cuts to private training organisations. I have questioned this in parliament and have had discussions with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) which is incredibly disappointed. In fact the CCF president Mr Gerard Beltrame said "This monumental shift in the funding of workplace training will devastate the workforce capacity of the civil industry and its ability to upskill and retain its workforce."

I am calling on Premier Weatherill to reverse this decision. As a state we need to grow our work force and build productive infrastructure that can help our South Australian companies compete.

Unfortunately the Weatherill Government has also made us the highest taxed state in the country and after removing the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) rebate last year which forced some bills to rise by 400% the ESL is going to rise again in the upcoming budget.

I have had countless people contact my office objecting to these increases and as a party we have pledged to reinstate the rebate.

I call on the government to reduce taxes on families and businesses so we can compete and grow as a state. Lower taxes will also help businesses employ more people.

The unemployment table is not the table we want South Australia to top. 



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