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Oaklands Crossing 2015 Christmas Update

Oaklands Crossing – Good News and Bad News

I am pleased to say that our 2015 community listening posts have been a great success. We had...

06April 2016

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Public Transport and Roads in our Community

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (16:01:14): I rise today to speak about some key transport issues in my local community. Moving from the shadow responsibility for...

11February 2016

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Stage 1 of the $350m Westfield Marion Shopping Centre starts this month

It is brilliant to see Westfield Marion investing in our community and generating new jobs. 

18November 2015

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Oaklands Update - Listening Post 10 November

On a positive note it has been refreshing to hear Prime Minister Turnbull speak positively about public transport and I have met with the new...

11November 2015

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Oaklands Crossing October Update

Since the last listening post on 25 September 2015 I have been following up with the Government to see what plans they have for the...

29October 2015

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100 New Signatures on Oaklands Crossing Petition

The Listening Post held on Friday at the Marion Shopping Centre was a big success and together we had more than 100 people sign the...

06October 2015

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Letters to the Federal Government regarding Oaklands Crossing

I have written letters to members of the Federal Government advising them of the Oaklands Crossing problem, and asking if they would be open to...

30September 2015

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Oaklands Crossing - Operation Moving Traffic Adelaide

The Government has announced a new project called 'Operation Moving Traffic Adelaide' which has been tasked with finding cost effective ways to reduce congestion on...

20September 2015

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Oaklands Campaign

I have been working away over winter to uncover exactly what the Government has planned for the Oaklands crossing.

17September 2015

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SA Labor has not approched the Federal Government about Oaklands Crossing

This month I received a letter from Jamie Briggs MP advising us that the SA Government has not made a request for either funding or...

22August 2015

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