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RAA survey supports fixing Oaklands Crossing

2700 South Australians have taken part in the RAA's Risky Roads Campaign - voicing their concerns about the roads they think need attention from the...

31March 2017

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The fight to fix Oaklands Crossing continues

It has come to my attention that the RAA is undertaking a survey on South Australia's worst roads and intersections. Like me I think you...

01March 2017

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Oaklands Crossing delays cost Pensioners

Last Monday, Warradale pensioner Mary Nixon had just finished visiting her husband at Allambi Nursing Home on Oaklands Road when the taxi she was travelling...

20January 2017

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Oaklands Crossing 2016 Christmas Update

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all those involved in our "Fix Oaklands Crossing" campaign a Merry Christmas.

21December 2016

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Oaklands Crossing Planning Study

More than 12 months after my original FOI request for the Government's 2012 $2 million planning study on the Oaklands Crossing the Ombudsman finally forced...

13October 2016

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Crossing War Continues


SOURCE: The Advertiser, Tuesday September 27 2016

13October 2016

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Crossing controversy continues

Catch the latest on the Oaklands crossing controversy as reported by Channel 9 on Saturday 24 September.

28September 2016

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Oaklands Park Rail Crossing Motion

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (11:31): I move:

That this house urges the Weatherill Labor government to prioritise the grade separation of the Seaford railway line...

23September 2016

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Federal Minster for Infrastructure and Urban Development visits the Oaklands Crossing

On Monday 5 September the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Urban Development, Mr Paul Fletcher visited the Oaklands Crossing. 


12September 2016

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One step closer to a solution

After years of campaigning to Fix Oaklands Crossing and more recently working hard with the new Federal member for Boothby Nicolle Flint and

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