Post Oaklands Crossing Forum

The first Fix Oaklands Crossing Forum was held on April 30 2015.  I believe it was a strong turnout for the first forum, with more than 100 residents registering and attending. We are well on the way to getting the Government to understand the importance of this issue.

As I said at the Forum, what makes this campaign different from previous petitions is that it is all about people power, and working together as a community to make Oaklands Crossing a State issue.  We saw that from those who signed the Marion Council petition, approximately 20% were from Mitchell (just south of the crossing), 25% were from Elder (just north of the crossing), 30% were from Metro South, 15% from Metro East, including up to the Adelaide hills, 5% from metro North, and 5% from Regional SA.  It is clear that Oaklands Crossing impacts South Australians across the State, especially with the SA Aquatics Centre and the Marion Shopping Centre attracting people from all over.

I would like to encourage you to become an Oaklands Champion.  We have had a good response from people since the forum, however this is an issue the entire community needs to get behind if we are to hope for change.  The role of an Oaklands Champion can be as little or as big of a commitment as you are able to pledge – all that we ask is that you get the word out there so we can get the crossing fixed.  Some suggested activities include:

  • Letterboxing your suburb or street
  • Encouraging your neighbours and friends to join the campaign at
  • Get physical signatures for those who cannot access a computer
  • Joining the Oaklands Champions Suggestion Committee
  • Sharing the campaign on social media
  • Informing your local community organisation, school, or club about the campaign.
  • Helping out at shopping centre stalls
  • Assisting with phone canvassing
  • Helping stuff envelopes/general admin

Any and all help will be welcomed – this is a community issue and cannot be achieved without a large community effort.  Please contact my office to become an Oaklands Champion

We received some great ideas from the Forum, and would love more!  If you have any ideas as to how we can further the campaign, please contact my office and we will do our best to work together to see them through.

Once again, thank you for attending the forum and expressing your interest in Fixing Oaklands Crossing.  If you have not already, please sign up to the campaign to show your support and to receive regular updates.

Here are copies of my letters to the Minister for Transport & Infrastructure and the Mayor of the Marion Council:

Minister_LEtter.jpg MAyor_Letter.jpg

I look forward to seeing you at the next forum or as an Oaklands Champion.  

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