Pedestrian Crossing Changes - 26 June 2018

A number of pedestrian crossings around the Oaklands Crossing will be closed and diverted, with new crossings established. This will allow the project team to start construction on a temporary road diversion on the eastern side of Morphett Road, so that works on the bridge can start. This will mean changes will be made to the way pedestrians access the station.


From June 26 until the end of July, the Morphett Road pedestrian crossing immediately south of the railway line (next to the boom gate) will be closed. Two temporary pedestrian road crossing will be set up approximately 60 metres to the south and 20 metres north of the train line. These will be in place from midway through July up until the project is completed.

The pedestrian crossing over the rail line, immediately to the west of Oaklands Station, will also be closed during the project. You can still cross the rail line by using the rail crossing on the eastern side of the station, between Murray and Crozier terraces. You will also be able to access the Seaford-bound platform from this point. Access to the city-bound platform will remain open from both ends.

The pedestrian rail crossing immediately to the east of Morphett Road, as well as access to the western end of the Seaford-bound platform, will reopen again in late July once the temporary road diversion is up and going.

Please plan ahead to avoid delays to your commute.

See the map below for a clearer understanding of the assorted goings on around the Crossing.

Thank you for your patience throughout this project, which once completed will see the headaches once associated with the Oaklands Crossing become a thing of the past.


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