Patritti Wines Launch

Award winning wines right in the heart of Dover Gardens.

It was exciting to be at the launch of Patritti wines new cool and dry storage complex in Dover Gardens.

I have spoken in Parliament about the Patritti family, their history and the beautiful wine they produce but now they have expanded their storage to help with efficiencies in the business.

Well known for their fruit juices, fortified wine and sparkling juices (which are loved throughout Asia), the focus has turned to table wines in recent years with great success. 

Wine makers James Mungall and Ben Heide have produced some award winning vintages that must be tasted to be truly appreciated. 

I'm no expert but I've been to Clacton Rd for a few sampling sessions and was impressed with everything on offer, with extra special applause going to the "Dover" champagne.

If you haven't been before or if you haven't been for a while can I highly recommend you take the time to get to Patritti wines and taste the pleasure for yourself. 



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