Oaklands Crossing Trees - Your Questions Answered - June 22 2018

Since the start of the project, I have received plenty of feedback from the community about how the Oaklands Crossing Project will impact the trees situated near the Oaklands Station.

In an effort to keep the local community informed, the PTP Alliance has provided the following facts and figures about how they intend to minimise the impact on the local flora and fauna:

  • Over 200 new trees, bushes, grasses and ground covers will be planted to replace those that have been removed.

  • Only 36 of the 110 significant and regulated trees in the area will be removed as part of the Project.

  • A range of semi-mature trees will be planted to help offset the loss of mature vegetation.

  • All trees will be inspected by a fauna specialist and arborist prior to removal to ensure all animals are removed and relocated before any tree is removed.

  • Tree hollows and large limbs will be reused where possible to help minimise the short term impact on the habitats of the native birds and mammals in the area.

  • Local schools and community groups are also assisting by constructing bat and nesting boxes which will be distributed around the area.

While I know there are many suggestions being put forward to retain the trees, these alternatives would mean a significant increase to the cost of the Project, a long term shut down of the Seaford train line and adding up to a further two years to the completion date, meaning even more disruption to our local community, or at worst, stalling the project indefinitely.

As your local representative, I am committed to seeing the Oaklands Crossing Project continue in its current form, which will result in the least amount of disruption to our local community, as well as rail commuters and road users alike, and ensuring the final result is the best outcome for everyone involved.

I know the disruptions have increased this week. My office and I are continuing to liaise with DPTI to provide you with updates as they come to hand.

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