Oaklands Crossing Planning Study

More than 12 months after my original FOI request for the Government's 2012 $2 million planning study on the Oaklands Crossing the Ombudsman finally forced the Government to release the study. It arrived on a disk with over 5000 pages of data and redacted (blanked out) information. 

I shared this information on my facebook page recently. See the post below. 

A must read for anyone interested in Oaklands Crossing.

I had been asking for this report detailing the costings around Oaklands Crossing since I was elected. After the Government put up road block after road block I had to go to the Ombudsman who agreed I could have it. More than 18 months later this 300 page report was finally sent through on disc as part of a 5000 page PDF file (Note. The disc arrived months after the government removed hard disc drives from our office!!)

Excited to read the report I printed it off and to my surprise the Government had redacted (blanked out) all but 25 pages leaving hundreds of blank pages and no new information. I don't know why they are being so secretive. Have a look it's amazing.


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