Oaklands Crossing delays cost Pensioners

Last Monday, Warradale pensioner Mary Nixon had just finished visiting her husband at Allambi Nursing Home on Oaklands Road when the taxi she was travelling in got caught in the lengthy delays and banked up traffic at the Oaklands Crossing. 

Mary’s 2km trip home ended up costing a whopping $65, on top of a $20 government subsidy. When she got home Mary called my office quite distressed wondering how she was going to afford food this week, as she had already spent her pension on the single cab fare. She was also worried she would not be able to visit her husband again until her next pension check.

For most people, the Oaklands Crossing is an inconvenience which adds another half an hour to their daily commute, but for some people it is more than a traffic delay and it hurts their hip pocket and hits them hard.

Today I visited Mary to see how she was doing, and thanks to the generosity of family members, she now has some extra money to visit her husband again today.

To join the campaign to Fix Oaklands Crossing and stop the State Labor Government taking advantage of our pensioners, visit www.FixOaklandsCrossing.com.au






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