Oaklands Crossing 2016 Christmas Update

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all those involved in our "Fix Oaklands Crossing" campaign a Merry Christmas.

It's great that we're making in roads but we can't stop and I encourage you to make sure you keep asking people to sign up to our campaign and keep the pressure on to Fix Oaklands Crossing.  

Hopefully in the New Year we can get some clarity from the State Government around the following issues:

  1. The actual detailed cost of the project (What will we get for the estimated $190 million) (Have they maximised the opportunities available with this project?).
  2. What work has the government done on plans for "rail over" and "rail under" the intersection (What is the difference in cost? Have they got detailed plans rather than just artistic sketches?).
  3. The actual detailed saving that has been suggested on the Northern Connector project (How much money has been saved on this project? How much (if any) of that money will be spent on the Crossing?).

Thank you again for all your work, help and support this year. We can't let up and we will keep pushing ahead into 2017!

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