Oaklands Crossing 2015 Christmas Update

Oaklands Crossing – Good News and Bad News

I am pleased to say that our 2015 community listening posts have been a great success. We had hundreds of interested residents join the campaign and sign the Parliamentary petition calling on the government to fix the Oaklands Crossing. I would like to thank our dedicated Oakland’s Champions who showed up week after week to actively engage the community, spread the word and promote the campaign. 

As you would be aware I have been asking the Government to let the community know where the Oaklands Crossing issue sits in their planning. I’ve raised the Oaklands issue in 12 speeches or questions in my 21 months in Parliament. I’ve also written 13 letters and e-mails to Minister Mullighan since I was elected in March 2014. That’s more than one request a month but sadly I have not received a clear answer. 

I have also requested access to any plans through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. The Government released to me traffic reports from 1985, 1989 and 1993 which weren’t very useful but they refused to release the documents from 2015 which are far more relevant. This is extremely disappointing but I will keep persisting. 

Good News

It does appear that our efforts to date through all the questions, letters, emails, phone calls and meeting with Minister Mullighan and the Department of Transport have had a positive effect. It appears we have forced some action. While we aren’t being told what the action is, there is evidence to indicate there has been some movement from the Government.

The proof comes from a recently released Annual Report from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure which gives us a reason to be upbeat from the following comment regarding a ‘Rail Revitalisation project’;

  • Complete the planning study for the Oaklands Park level crossing and provide recommendations on the preferred short and long term options. 
    From this statement by the Government it appears our work has produced some fruit. The Government has shown they are looking at the issue. It still leaves me to follow up on this statement in the coming weeks and into the New Year. I will keep asking questions about…
  • When the study will be complete?
  • When can we see the outcome of the study?
  • What are the options being considered?

We are also pushing on in the immediate short term looking at signalling improvements to get better traffic flow through the intersection, especially at peak times.

While we have forced some movement from the Government, we can’t stop working. Please encourage people to sign up to this campaign on our website. It will also have more news on our listening posts for 2016.


I’d also like to thank Harrison in my office for his help with this campaign and wish him all the best for the future.

Allison will be taking over and she is very helpful if you have any questions or queries.

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year and wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season

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