Oaklands Campaign

I have been working away over winter to uncover exactly what the Government has planned for the Oaklands crossing.

I have written to Transport Minister, Stephen Mullighan, asking for a complete historical update on the Oaklands Crossing project including all the research and planning work that has been done by the department. I have also asked for an update on what the future holds and what timeline the Government has for fixing this problem.


At this point we are aware there have been drawings of an over pass but we want to see how this is progressing. I have asked numerous questions in parliament to get more information but that has not been forth coming (details are on the website: www.FixOaklandsCrossing.com.au  under “progress”).


I have invited the Minister to come to the crossing and see the problem first hand and meet with locals to discuss the issue. Unfortunately so far he has failed to accept our invitation but I will keep applying pressure!


As Shadow Transport Minister I do not have the thousands of staff the Minister has at his disposal to do the planning work for this project. As taxpayers we all deserve to know what work he has had the department do and what options they have come up with as a solution.


Is a train overpass still the best option?


Should we look at a road underpass?


Can the train go underground?


Interim Fixes


Hopefully this work will help push the Government to address our level crossing problem along Adelaide’s railway lines and drive focus again to the Oaklands Crossing.


I also identified some track faults which caused speed restrictions around the Oaklands crossing intersection holding up train movement through the troubled area. This was outlined in a recent story in the Guardian Messenger which is also on the website. I am informed that issue has been improved and while it’s only a small win hopefully it has made the crossing a bit better.

Community Listening Posts


We have also had a number of FixOaklandsCrossing.com.au signs printed, which will be a great help as we actively expand our campaign efforts.  The Oaklands Crossing Champions will be operating several listening posts booked at the Marion Shopping centre (outside Kmart) in the lead up to Christmas.


The dates for the listening posts are:

  • Friday 25 September 2015
  • Saturday 31 October 2015
  • Tuesday 10 November 2015
  • Friday 20 November 2015


If you are available on any of these dates please contact the office to confirm times and come down to have a chat, share your thoughts, and help spread awareness.


To see what else has been happening on the campaign, please visit the campaign website  www.FixOaklandsCrossing.com.au  and take a look under progress.



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