Labor's Underwhelming Northern Economic Plan

The Labor Government has released its Northern Economic Plan  

28 January 2016



Media Release


Premier Weatherill has released his Government’s underwhelming ‘Northern Economic Plan’ which will do little to alleviate unemployment in Adelaide’s struggling northern suburbs.

The Plan is grant-funding based and does not address the real issues behind why businesses are leaving SA or unable to create more jobs.


The Weatherill Labor Government has also committed to growing employment in northern Adelaide, promising to create 15,000 jobs by 2025, despite having fallen devastatingly short of their previous South Australian jobs target.


“Residents in Adelaide’s northern suburbs would rightly feel ripped off with today’s underwhelming announcement,” said Shadow Employment Minister Corey Wingard.


“If this Plan is Premier Weatherill’s solution to our economic woes then South Australians have real reason to worry.


“This has been released almost six months late and after unemployment in the northern suburbs has reached almost 10 per cent.


“If the Weatherill Labor Government really wanted to support businesses in South Australia, they would adopt Steven Marshall and the Liberal Team’s plan to grow the economy and create jobs through:


1. Cutting taxes to create jobs and put money back in South Australians’ pockets

2. Cutting red tape and regulation to allow businesses to thrive

3. Growing our exports by supporting our exporters

4. Building productive infrastructure that creates jobs now and in the future

5. Promoting entrepreneurialism and innovation

“The Weatherill Labor Government consistently lets down people across Adelaide, particularly in the north. Today is no different.”



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