May Expressway Noisewall Update

I recently met with the Minister's office and the Southern Expressway Project team to follow-up on the December Community Meeting to discuss works needed along the Expressway and on the Noisewall. 


I have spoken to the Department about setting up another community meeting allowing the Department to explain to local residents what is finally happening to fix the Noisewall and the landscaping along the Expressway.  As soon as we have a date I will let you know.

In the meantime below are a series of pictures and plans for the Noisewall and various other works that have been going on in the local area along the Expressway at the request of residents at our last meeting. 

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.  Additionally there will be opportunity to have all of your questions addressed directly by the Department in the coming weeks. 


Despite the fact that the Department has been delayed in putting this information together these are the plans I have received.  The blue dots represents the area that has been completed.  The Department has said that a lot of the landscaping was held up due to the dry weather.  They have informed me that it is expected to be completed by August 2015.  Please note that some of the plans are outdated, illustrating bike paths were there will not be one, and are just supposed to indicate the landscaping plan.  

(click on the images to download .pdf versions) 

 1. Ralph St Landscape Plan                                 2. Parson St to Culver Ave Landscape Plan

S_Expressway_Landscape_Plans_Marion_Rd_to_Ridgecrest_Ave_May_2015_1.jpg  S_Expressway_Landscape_Plans_Marion_Rd_to_Ridgecrest_Ave_May_2015_2.jpg


3. Graham Road Landscape Plan                           4. Aaron Rd to Ridgecrest Ave Landscape Plan

S_Expressway_Landscape_Plans_Marion_Rd_to_Ridgecrest_Ave_May_2015_3.jpg  S_Expressway_Landscape_Plans_Marion_Rd_to_Ridgecrest_Ave_May_2015_4.jpg



Location1. Graham Road - Photo of Existing Noise Wall



Location1. Graham Road – Artist Impression of Noise Wall with Colourbond Cladding




Location2. Parsons Street – Artist Impression of Noise Wall with Colourbond Cladding



Location2. Parsons Street - Existing Noisewall during our December community meeting



Location3. Ralph Street – Artist Impression of Noise Wall with Colourbond Cladding



 Graham Road – Completed drainage works



Completed Fencing at Ralph Street Detention Basin



Completed Chain-link Fencing at Ridgecerst Avenue



Additional Signage installed on Marion Road highlighting adjacent service road connections to Macklin St & Ralph St. 

Additional_Signage_Installed_on_Marion_Road_to_highlight_adjacent_service_road_connections_to_Macklin_St_and_Ralph_St_1.jpg Additional_Signage_Installed_on_Marion_Road_to_highlight_adjacent_service_road_connections_to_Macklin_St_and_Ralph_St_2.jpg


Additional Signage installed on Marion Road to highlight adjacent service road entry point. 


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