Labor needs to do more to tackle fare evasion

October 13, 2014

Media Release


The Weatherill Labor Government needs to do more to tackle fare evasion on our public transport network, according to Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.

In the Public Transport Services: Service Standard Report for the April-June 2014 quarter, fare evasion across the tram network was still a staggering 14.19 per cent.

However, this figure is hardly surprising given that there were only two cases (0.8 per cent) in which a ticket inspection was carried out by an inspector in the quarter.

Overall fare evasion on Adelaide’s train network was 5.74 per cent, a slight increase from 5.51 per cent fare evasion in the January-March 2014 quarter.

“Fare evasion is theft from other passengers who are left to carry an extra financial burden,” said Mr Wingard.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to increase its efforts to eradicate the blight of fare evasion from Adelaide’s trams, trains and buses.

“There is a culture of fare evasion that needs to be changed.

“People need to understand that services will continue to deteriorate if fares are not paid.

“Every dollar that is missed through fare evasion is a dollar that is not spent on our transport network.”

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