SA's Poor Unemployment Figures

At 8.2% SA has the highest unemployment rate in the country, even worse than Tasmania.

Alarmingly Premier Jay Weatherill has warned that this is likely to get worse. 

In the recent CommSec “State of the States” report South Australia has been ranked 7th out of 8 for overall economic performance in the July 2015 quarter.

NAB’s latest Monthly Business Survey also revealed that South Australia has the lowest level of business confidence in Australia.

Clearly South Australia is in the midst of a dangerous jobs crisis and some experts predict we are headed towards double digit unemployment figures.

SA is falling behind all the other states in the country and more needs to be done to create jobs and grow our economy now.

Jobs and growing SA’s economy must be the Government’s number one focus.

I’m pleased the Government has taken up some of our ideas to generate jobs but we think more can be done.

As part of Steven Marshall’s team we have asked Premier Weatherill to generate jobs by..


-              Bringing forward planned Stamp Duty relief to take effect this year;

-              Committing to reducing Payroll Tax;

-              Slashing Emergency Services Levy bills by reversing the $90 million ESL hike announced in the 2014-15 State Budget;

-              Commencing building the Northern Connector road;

-              Finalising an investigation regarding the Strzelecki Track upgrade; and,

-              Creating a state-based Productivity Commission.


These are all positive suggestions to help lift South Australia off the bottom of the unemployment and economic ladder and I’ll keep fighting to make this happen. If you have any ideas that might help please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Authorised by Corey Wingard MP, Member for Gibson. Level 2, 1 Milham Street Oaklands Park SA 5046. ©Copyright / Legal / Login