Innovative recommendations ignored

The Weatherill Labor Government has squandered an opportunity in last week’s State Budget to implement key findings from a report about innovation in South Australia.

The RedFire Report – commissioned by the Weatherill Labor Govenrnment – highlighted the need to establish an independent innovation agency, responsible for implementing innovation policy and early stage innovation programs.

This agency is designed to bring together Government innovation programs under one umbrella to enable consistent, coordinated and integrated development and implementation of innovation policy.

The RedFire Report found that the Weatherill Labor Government does not have a coordinated and integrated approach to developing, implementing and managing innovation policies.

The Report went on to say there is often conflict, duplication and inconsistencies within Government in relation to goals, programs and initiatives.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to immediately explain why they have ignored this key recommendation of the RedFire Report and how they will efficiently spend our taxpayer dollars,” said Shadow Minister for Innovation Corey Wingard.
“Last week’s State Budget was a perfect opportunity to reorganise South Australia’s innovation sector.

“Innovation is a growing sector of the economy and an important sector for South Australia to tap into but these valuable funds can’t be wasted.

“If the Government does not have the right policy settings in place, then any funding for this sector will ultimately be futile.”

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