Information about Noisewall Works

it is great to see that after a year of pressuring the government, that the works along the Southern Expressway Noisewall are almost complete. 


I asked the Minister why there were delays delivering upon their commitments to complete work along the Southern Expressway Noisewall promised at previous community meetings - here is their response. 

The Ministers office has been advised that there were some delays to the start date of the cladding due to an initial delay in the supply of steel sheeting for the works.  They were advised that the works were underway from 24 August 2015 and it is now expected that the works will be completed in October/early November. 

In regard to the items at Graham road, the Minister's office has been advised of the following points:

  • Removable bollards have been installed at both pathway entrances to Graham Road. 
  • Landscaping: Mulch has been placed and the tube-sock plantings are expected to be installed by the end of October 2015.
  • Rural fencing (timber post and wire) has been replaced with pool fencing (tubular steel). 


Here are pictures of the noisewall at Parson Street - it is almost complete, and a vast improvement from the bare noisewall. 




This is what Graham Street looks like now, with cladding, landscaping, and bollards. 


If there are any other promises you know that the Minister or Department has made over the life of this project which has not been delivered, please contact my office on 8377 3500 or 

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