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Hallet Cove BMX Club

My colleague David Speirs and I have been working alongside the Hallet Cove BMX Club to improve facilities in South Australia and the  feasibility study recently announced is a great outcome.


Jessica Brown Guardian Messenger 

ALMOST $60,000 will be spent on a feasibility study into a world-class BMX track for O’Halloran Hill.


Hallett Cove and Happy Valley BMX clubs last week received a $48,500 State Government grant to fund the stu

Hallett Cove and Happy Valley BMX clubs last week received a $48,500 State Government grant to fund the study into the hub proposed for Majors Rd.

Marion Council has contributed $5000 and the clubs have pledged $2000 each to see if they can get the venture off the ground.

Happy Valley BMX Club president Craig Fox said a bigger and better track shared between the two clubs could prevent riders moving to Queensland to pursue their sporting dreams.

“Unfortunately in South Australia at the moment we don’t have a track where we can hold national titles,” Mr Fox said.

“This will hopefully alleviate losing a lot of good riders from South Australia.

“We’re hoping (the new track) is going to be the best track in Australia.

“That’s what we’re aiming for – it’s going to be fantastic for the district.”

Hallett Cove BMX club chairman Trevor Wigg said the funding was a promising step but he did not want to get too excited because a move had been discussed for years.

“It currently is a very positive tick in a box towards us being able to move and hopefully towards construction of a world-class facility in Adelaide that our riders need so badly,” Mr Wigg said.

“We’re very positive about this so far – hopefully we can keep the momentum and make something happen.”

Marion councillor Janet Byram, who has been working on the proposal with the clubs, said the study was likely to be complete later this year or at the start of 2016.

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