Graffiti Epidemic on our Trains

Commuters would have seen an increasing level of graffiti on our trains in recent months as organised criminal gangs target Adelaide's new electric trains. 

Court documents show that there were 492 charges for all graffiti offences in 2013-14, up from 430 in 2010-11.  Vandals have increased the amount of graffiti damage in the past month to the $10 million (each) electric trains servicing the Seaford line.

During Budget Estimates in July, (and through a leaked cabinet report) the Minister admitted there were significantly more EMUs purchased than is necessary to service the electrified line at this stage. This means that there are four to five $10 million dollar trains sitting idle in rail yards – easy targets for the ‘highly organised interstate gangs’ that are among the numerous vandals wrecking Adelaide trains. 

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