Getting a job is a full-time occupation in South Australia

Thursday 17 November 2016

The State Liberals have welcomed today’s small drop in the official unemployment rate but remain concerned that new full-time jobs are rare as hens’ teeth.

“Coming off a very low base it’s good to see any improvement in unemployment no matter how small,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“What is concerning is that the month on month full-time jobs on original data have declined despite the Labor Government’s expensive cash for full-time jobs policy.

“We will be keeping a close eye on this measure to ensure South Australian taxpayers are getting value for money from the $10,000 cash payments to employers.

“Another issue is the fact the very low participation rate in South Australia, indicating many people have given up hope of ever getting a job, disguising the actual jobless numbers.

“South Australia’s unemployment rate indicates just how important it is that the broader South Australian economy gets relief from the Weatherill Labor Government’s punishing tax rates.

“The State Liberals would cut the Emergency Services Levy to provide direct relief to households and businesses which in turn would inject a much needed economic stimulus into the South Australian economy.

“With South Australia’s spiraling electricity prices biting into household and business budgets a cut to the ESL tax is more important than ever.

“South Australia’s base load electricity prices are set to rise sharply in the next two years driving investment and jobs out of South Australia.

“Victoria, our principle competitor for manufacturing jobs, will pay just half the price for base load electricity during the next two years.

“Businesses looking to invest in new job creating opportunities in Australia shun high cost jurisdictions and South Australia will have the most expensive base load power in the NEM.

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