Gawler Electrification Project Disaster

Sunday 22 March 2015

Gawler electrification project provided better value for money than Seaford upgrade




An internal government document has revealed that the Gawler electrification project provided better value for money than the Seaford electrification project.

The Independent Review of Adelaide Rail Project June 2012 Report states:

“The Seaford and Gawler lines would have broadly the same number of passenger kilometres (so about the same patronage). The Gawler line, being longer, would offer greater time savings and when electrified will offer a significantly higher level of economic benefit to passengers…It is recommended that DPTI adopt priorities which will enable the progressive electrification of the Gawler line as funding and resources permit.”

“The Weatherill Labor Government must now answer why it didn’t proceed with the Gawler electrification project when it provided better value for money,” said Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.

“This is not to say that the Seaford line upgrade isn’t a necessary project; both upgrades should have been completed.

“Northern Adelaide residents have been left in the cold with a project that has been announced and then scrapped a number of times, only to learn that project provided better value for money than others.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has no credibility when it comes to rail upgrades.

“Just last week, Transport Department CEO, Michael Deegan, hinted at further disruptions on the Seaford line claiming that despite the Government’s $500+ million investment, it is not running to expected standards.

“The Weatherill Labor Government must now explain why it prioritised the Seaford line upgrade over the Gawler line upgrade.”

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